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  1. Is the Company covered by insurance? Do they have personal and property insurance as well as workers compensation?

    Documentation supporting this should be available upon request. If there is an accident and the company does not have insurance, you could be liable for the damages and injuries that occur as a result of the job.

    Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Limited is fully covered by insurance. We carry public liability insurance as well as personal injury insurance that covers both our crew and the sites where we work.

  2. What are their credentials?

    A certified arborist has achieved a level of knowledge about tree care and has passed a comprehensive exam. In Ontario, this is a provincially recognized apprenticeship or a certification through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). A certified arborist will also have professional affiliations such as ISA or Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

    Verifying qualifications can be done by visiting the website of the International Society of Arboriculture.

  3. How is this work to be done?
  4. What equipment will be used?
  5. What is the time frame involved for the work to be completed?
  6. Will there be any damage done to the property by equipment and vehicles or from fallen trees and branches?
  7. When having a tree assessed, ask the arborist to give reasons why the tree should be removed or if there is any way it can be saved.
  8. Are taxes included in the price?

    The On-Site Advisor will give you a written estimate and the terms of the contract should be made clear.

  9. How is payment made for the job?

    Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Ltd. will not ask for a down payment. You should expect to be invoiced.

  10. Can the company give advance notice of the job being done?
  11. Are there any objections to having the work photographed or video taped?


  1. What concerns do you have?
  2. Would you like to save the tree if possible?
  3. What would you like done with the wood and brush? Would you like it all left, would you like the brush cleaned up and the wood left or maybe you would like a complete cleanup.
  4. Are there any physical obstacles? Septic systems, gas lines, hydro lines mean we have to take special precautions.
  5. Would you like us to call ahead? We can give you 24 hours notice, subject to the weather.

We are here to assist you in your decision of tree trimming and removals. An experienced arborist should be able to answer all of your questions fully and address all of your concerns regarding your trees/hedges.