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Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Limited Emergency Response System has been put in place to deal with emergency situations such as those which may occur during and after a storm.

When an emergency occurs:


  1. If Hydro wires have been affected, please call Hydro Emergency crews (1-800-434-1235) and 911 for assistance before calling Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Ltd.

  2. Call our office: 613-623-3780. We are experienced in handling these situations and will assess your situation for priority response by our crew. It is important to have the following information when calling:

    1. Your 911 address and telephone number
    2. Details of damage
  3. As we contact the crew and inform them of the situation we will get an approximate waiting time. You will then be contacted to let you know when to expect them.

  4. If necessary, our estimator will further assess the damage for the crew.

  5. Take pictures of the damage before we arrive and after. If the tree is on the roof we will only remove the tree from the roof and place it out of the way. The photos may be requested by your insurance company if your insurance adjuster is not able to be on the scene immediately.

  6. No clean-up is done in an emergency sitaution, so the crew can get to the next emergency as soon as possible. If you would like Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Ltd. to cleanup you may contact our office at 613-623-3780 to make an appointment for our estimator to look at the job and give you a written estimate.

  7. Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Ltd. does not increase the rates during an emergency situation. You will receive an invoice when the work is completed. A professional company will not expect you to pay in advance.

  8. Gardiner Tree Trimming and Removal Ltd. is fully insured for both property and liability. We also hold a current Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Certificate.

Balsam tree fallen on house roof Base of fallen balsam tree Split elm caused by included bark at the crotch Conifer tree snapped behind the bench

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