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The business began as a dream at the age of 12 years of age when Bill Gardiner purchased his first chainsaw...

truck 1979

Bill has taken the tree trimming business to new heights, literally. With his years of experience and his trusty crane, he is able to solve even the most difficult and unusual tree problems.

Business began over 30 years ago when he financed his education at Carleton University by trimming trees in the area in order to study Mechanical Engineering. It was suggested that he could make a full-time living at trimming trees. He has made the dream become reality.

Starting with a half-ton truck, a chipper, and several chain saws, “Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Ltd.” was born. The company's red and white vehicle quickly became as easily recognized as the staff's blue and orange safety uniforms. Their motto - “We'll trim anything but a customer!

Business quickly began to prosper, and within five years three bucket trucks and a crane were purchased.

trucks in the yard

On July 16th, 1974 the first tree in this area to be taken down by a crane was taken down by Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Ltd. The crane has since been used not only for tree removal, but also for other jobs such as moving building trusses, moving logs, lifting grain bins, even rescuing cats from trees.

Their specialty is ‘difficult and unusual’ removals. One of the most difficult so far has been the removal of a large black walnut tree out of a huge glass greenhouse (a botanical garden).

Another time they were required to remove two large trees that three men, hands joined together, couldn't put their arms around each one.

truck from 1985

Hours can be long, sometimes working from daylight to dusk. The average tree takes just a couple of hours to drop, but that can vary and is determined by their on-site estimator.

Most of the work is seasonal, although there are year round jobs to be done. Winter is sometimes the better time for removing trees because it's easier to clean-up and lawns aren't damaged as easily.

Bill's first creation was in 1980 when he designed a bucket-truck with a side mounted hydraulic chipper which turns brush into chips and blow them inside the truck body while being fed safely from the curb side.

Since then he has added a stumper to his fleet of vehicles and equipment. This stumper grinds down the stump leaving chips and a hole. Other vehicles/equipment he has since invested in are:

crane from 2001
  • Mini excavator that cuts brush and piles wood.
  • Micro excavator for specialized lawn maintenance and hedge trimming.
  • 5th generation of crane which is the tallest and most mobile in the tree industry. This crane reaches a maximum 130 feet and can have a man bucket attached.
  • Various sizes of chippers.
  • Chipping machine highly mobile and machine fed.
  • One bucket truck with a maximum reach of up to 58 feet.