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A large tree that was rotten inside, is removed from a property using the crane.

Starting with a little off the top! Starting with a little off the top! It's a tight fit. The blocking has to be just right. The customer built the retaining wall. The tree to be removed isn't always easy to access. It takes a while to get through a maple this size. Sawdust shows that he is working hard. Saw... ...saw... ...saw... ...saw... ...but things don't always go as planned. Finally the section is away. Cutting off the butt section. Cutting. The butt moves off the stump while cutting. The butt moves up. Up... ...up... ...up... ...up! This tree looked solid to most of us, but it took an expert to know that it was rotten in the centre. The crane moves the butt to the landing zone. On the ground. This shows why the crane was the safest manner to remove the large maple.

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