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This little beetle is a highly destructive insect native to the Asian Continent. It was discovered in the Windsor/Detroit corridor in 2002. It has since destroyed millions of trees. It was discovered in the City of Ottawa in 2008. Since that time the city and Leeds and Grenville have been quarantined and the movement of ash wood and wood products is prohibited. The City of Ottawa removed 800 affected trees in the winter of 2011.

The handling of ash trees that have been affected by emerald ash borer can take special techniques. The scientific community has observed that green leafy branches affected by EAB are not safe to climb. They are brittle and very breakable. After approximately 2 years, the affected ash trees roots have died to the point that again the trees become unsafe to climb. These trees can actually uproot and fall with the added weight and working of a climber in the tree.

Gardiner Tree Trimming & Removal Ltd. strives to use the safest methods possible to remove dead and dangerous trees of all species. Our methods use equipment such as a crane, bucket or excavator as the job requires.

Emerald Ash Borer Emerald Ash Borer, wings expanded Emerald Ash Borer - tree damage size Emerald Ash Borer - tree damage

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Federal regulatory measures prohibit the movement of specific materials including any ash material and firewood of all species from specific areas of Ontario and Quebec. Anyone violating these restrictions is subject to a fine and/or prosecution.